Foto: Marleena Liikkanen

The “Spirit of Stone” project turned the Finish city of Lappeenranta into an international center of contemporary studio jewelery in May 2011. In workshops, a symposium, exhibitions and a junior competition, famous jewellery artists and artists from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Australia, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Switzerland got started on discovering the “soul” of the stone. The result is an exhibition of works by 22 artists, which has been shown in Lappeenranta from 08-05-2011 to 01-08-2012 as cooperation of the University of Applied Sciences Saimaa with one of the leading jewellery companies in Finland – KALEVALA Jewellery – and the South Karelia Museum.

The Spirit of Stone: 3rd April – 3rd Mai 2012 in the Villa Bengel