Peter Bauhuis, Gefäße, The exhibition presents the simultaneous, not only jewellery and vessels covered work of the artist Peter Bauhuis on 4th of July to 10th of August in the Villa Bengel, Idar-Oberstein. Considering the pieces of jewellery and vasculars of Peter Bauhuis (born 1965), the emphasis is lying on the experiment with the process of casting and fusing of metal. In the game of oxidations, he reaches unexpected color effects. Alleged casting defects such as fine lines, cracks or runners will be integrated into the molds. This results in an incredible ease for metal. With subtle humor, he questions the gestures of jewellery and our viewing habits. Peter Bauhuis has studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under Otto Künzli. Since 1999, he works as a freelance artist. His work found recognition by exhibitions at home and abroad, as well as through major prizes. 4th July – 10th August 2012 Villa Bengel