Foto: Dr. Anne-Barbara Knerr; Archiv ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers4th of July – 4th of October 2012 in the Industrial Monument Bengel

Today, jewellery for men too often seems to be reduced to prestige objects such as watches or sport cars. In contrast to the turn of the century 1900, “men jewellery” isn`t an object of popular culture anymore. In the decades before 1914, commonly denoted as “foundation years”, the “Man of the World” ornamented himself not only with gorgeous watch chains and “Chatelaines” with fine tie pins and cufflinks. He also portrayed his importance in the society by “fancy goods” such as magnificent cigarette cases and artfully engraved lighters. Even the professions manifested their art and meaning through opulent chains which decorated the profession dress. The exhibition leads into the era between 1860 and 1914. It shows a selection of representative pieces of jewellery for men from Idar-Oberstein`s production.

Introduction: Saturday, 18th August, 4 pm