The Jakob Bengel company was created in 1873 as a factory for watch chains. The mechanical production allowed for low cost fabrication and developed a huge market very fast, which transcended the European borders in a short time.

The 2nd generation

During the 2nd generation the production of chains was expanded by producing costume jewelry. A recently rediscovered jewelry collection from the 1920s and 1930s in Art Deco and Bauhaus style was mostly exported to France.

The 3rd generation

In 1954 a new period of prosperity started: the era of anodized aluminum started. Products made of aluminum, then anodized in an acid bath, could be colored into any color shade. This development boosted the market of the costume jewelry.

Die 4. Generation

In 1978 the 4th generation took control of the chain and jewelry factory Jakob Bengel. But the business of costume jewelry has long been transferred to cheap labor countries, but the fashion with decorative chains held on. It was only in 1993 when the market suddenly collapsed like never before. And nothing changed during the following decades. To preserve the building infrastructure and production facilities for future generations, several initiatives were started from different sides. In 2001 the Jakob Bengel Foundation was created.